Wheels and Castors for Aviation technology

The demands in the aviation industry are increasing from year to year. A constant growth in passenger figures and a higher flight frequency pose substantial challenges for airports and their operators. The aircraft ground handling time must be reduced. This requires that processes such as maintenance, freighting, cleaning, catering, boarding etc. have to be fast, reliable and efficient.

The demands on wheels and castors in aviation technology are growing correspondingly. They vary depending on the area of use. That is why our product range offers the appropriate item for every conceivable situation so that all the challenges in terms of size, material and load-bearing capacity can be met.

Our programme for wheels and castors comprises of:

  • Wheels and castors for mobile stairs/maintenance platforms
  • Wheels and castors for engine positioning apparatus and tripod jacks
  • Wheels and press-on tyres for lifting vehicles
  • Wheels for baggage and cargo handling
  • Wheels and castors for ground support equipment (GSE)
  • Wheels and castors for in-house transportation

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