Bearcat has been manufacturing the highest quality wheels in New Zealand designed for New Zealand industries.

Using high quality rims from Camso (formally Solideal) and globally recognised suppliers we build wheels to replace OEM wheels or custom built wheels specific to your requirements.

Focusing on durability our wheels are designed and welded to deliver the longest life in high demand applications.

To ensure lowest cost of ownership during your ownership we also provide wheel repairs and crack testing as part of our service.

Each Bearcat Wheel has a unique BOM number stamped on the rim face to register the wheels specifications and date of production. 

A replacement wheel can be supplied simply by quoting the original wheel BOM number.

Construction Equipment Wheels

Earthmover Wheel Components

Mining Wheel Crack Testing

Earthmover Wheel Crack testing

5 Piece OTR Wheel

5 Piece Construction Wheel

3 Piece Construction Wheel

3 Piece Tubeless Wheel

Drop Centre Wheel

Forklift Wheels

Damaged Wheel

Forklift Wheel Components

Forklift Wheel Studs/Bolts and Nuts

Wheel Nut Indicators

Forklift Industrial Wheel Crack Testing

Demountable Rim

5 Piece IND Wheel

Forklift Press-on-Hub

3 Piece IND Wheel

Forklift dual wheel kits

Multi-Piece IND Wheel

Side Loader Wheel

2 Piece Split Wheel

Specialty Wheels

Speciality Wheel Crack Testing

Aircraft Tractor Tug Wheel

Wheel with Cured-On tyre

Coal Mining Wheels

GSE 2pce Wheel