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  • Construction and Earthmoving Tyres
  • Mining, Quarrying and Specialty Tyres
  • Construction - Rubber Tracks
  • Access, GSE and Crane Tyres
  • Wheels, Rims and Certification
  • ATV UTV Track Kits

New Zealand branch now open
Camso. The Road Free Company.

On July 3rd, our parent company Camoplast Solideal has adopted a new global identity – Camso. The Road Free Company.

This new brand direction harnesses the vision of our people, our culture and our products. Because we believe that, to truly serve our customers’ off-the-road business, we need to free ourselves from the road… we need to be a Road Free.

Being road free means putting 100% of our efforts into products specially designed for the off-road segment, which represents 11% of the total market.