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Wheel Crack Testing.

Protecting your productivity, people and profitability with an inhouse crack testing service. NDT refers to the evaluation and inspection of materials or components for characterisation, or finding defects and flaws in comparison with some standards. NDT techniques provide a cost-effective means of testing a sample for individual investigation, or may be applied on the whole material for checking in a quality control system.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT testing) of Earthmover Rims NDT and Rim Repairs is vital to reduce the possibility of catastrophic failures through cracking, corrosion and erosion. For all other wheels we act in accordance with NZTA approved procedures using the best industry welding techniques for highest quality results.

OTR wheels and rims can develop fractures in sensitive areas such as welds, ring grooves and bolt holes. Left unchecked, the severity of these cracks increases, leading to a wheel failure that severely endangers lives and equipment. Additionally rim components that are deformed, bent, cracked, corroded, worn, or damaged.

In partnership we can create a wheel crack testing program to provide that is consistent on the intensity of your application. This may mean scheduled wheel inspections at an hour interval or upon change out of tyre rotations.

Using a non-destructive testing (NDT) process via certified technicians identifies cracks, fractures, imperfections and wear on off-highway wheels. We provide accurate reporting and testing of all circumferential welds and joins. Every wheel is given a PASS/FAIL rating, and a clear, easy to understand report is provided to the customer for continuous rim certification.

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Standard testing process

For the testing of cracks in wheels, Bearcat ensures industry standards for off highway rims and wheels (maintenance and repair) are maintained. Visual Inspection, with or without optical aids, is the original means of conducting NDT. Many defects are surface-breaking and can be detected by careful direct visual inspection.

It is typically used as a first step in identifying flaws in a given join or material. Compared to other testing techniques, VT is generally more cost effective and easier to perform. VT often eliminates the need for further testing.

A certified independent NDT report is provided, and an additional NATA certification can be provided upon request.

In conjunction with industries partners, including Materials & Testing Laboratories, Bearcat New Zealand can complete the following techniques for wheel crack testing purposes:


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