Specialty Wheels

We offer specialty wheels for multiple construction, forklift, mining, and agricultural equipment using a broad variety of diameters and widths, all with your choice of colour topcoat or finish. Our specialty wheels are uniquely designed to suit your specific service conditions using our industry leading experience and support from our global wheel engineers.

Our wheels are built to perform. Everyday our business handles tyres and wheels on a multiple of different machines. We also crack test and rebuild damage wheels in house. From this we understand the stress of service work and what’s required for a wheel to perform safely for longer. Through this experience it guarantees a wheel designed and built for the job of heavy load material handling and construction applications including ports, airports, mining and bulk material handling equipment.

It’s our dedication to industry that makes us different. By understanding the application we have manufactured unique wheels including stainless steel wheels for drums and trommels, dual wheel kits for large industrial forklifts and heavy duty wheels for ground support aviation equipment. No job is to difficult so please contact us with your needs.

Please use the wheel order form below with your known specifications or contact Bearcat Tyres Auckland for support. Ph: +64 9 253 9097 or sales@bearcat.co.nz