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BEARCAT TYRES New Zealand is focused on the distribution and installation of Tyres, Wheels & Rubber tracks for Industrial, Construction & Earthmoving Equipment. Solideal, Camso and Michelin are all brands our our global group.

Our New Zealand business is managed by our head office in Auckland. This division also services the North Island with onsite service work including fitting, puncture repairs and deliveries. The branch also completed wheel production, modifications and tyre flat proofing in-house. 

To ensure a speedy service we also utlise our Solidealer Sub contract tyre technichans for sites both the North & South Island. Pre-mounted tyre and wheel assemblies are used for fitting required in regional locations. We also have tyre presses and assets with major commercial tyre dealers for additional support. 

Our business is 100% focused on the OFF-HIGHWAY tyre segment which means we carry the widest range of sizes, patterns and ply ratings so you can access the exact tyre you need for want for your business. This includes high quality speciality products such as non marking tyres and rubber tracks.

We aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction through the effective application of our internal processes and fully self managed workstream.

Its our industrious nature to keep evolving our products and services to advance the industry. We value our business partners and will always go the extra mile to support your business.

Our History

Bearcat Tyres NZ is closely aligned with Bearcat Tyres Australia. "Bearcat Tyres" orginally began business as an industrial tyre supplier on behalf of its USA parent company "BEARCAT Industrial Tires". Today we are part of the Michelin-Camso Group.

In Sydney 1973 Bearcat Tyres was established primarily as an industrial tyre supplier on behalf of it’s USA parent company BEARCAT TIRES.
In 1986 BEARCAT TYRES became a privately owned family business keen to expand their offering by adding “best in class” products from manufactures including ARNCO, RADER VOGEL & CEAT.
In 1999 the business was acquired by SOLIDEAL. As world leaders in forklift and construction tyres, and an OEM manufacturer, this provided a huge opportunity to expand our footprint.
In February 2004 Bearcat began production at our very own wheel manufacturing facility located at our branch in Western Sydney.
In 2008 the first of our specially designed “grab trucks” was rolled out to support our focus of safe on-site fitting.
In October 2010 Bearcat Tyres completed the transition to become part of the global merger between CAMOPLAST INC & SOLIDEAL.On July 10th, 2015 became CAMSO
In 2012 Bearcat launched the new CAMSO rubber track range for the Australian market. The product line becoming the largest in Australia
December 2018, Michelin completed the acquisition of Camso, under the terms announced on July 12, 2018, strengthening our local focus as off-highway leaders.



A Better Way Forward

Michelin continuously push safety, durability and fuel efficiency, all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN Total Performance, which has and will always be Michelin’s difference on every tyre.

A global footprint

With 9 R&D centre’s around the world, 123 production sites in 26 countries, a commercial presence in 170 countries and 125,000 employees worldwide, the Michelin Group is now present on every continent.


With its acquisition of Camso on July 12, 2018, Michelin strengthened its leadership position in the specialties business by creating the world leader in off-road mobility. 




The new division, which reflects a major strategic partnership in off-road products, will be run from Quebec (Canada).

Camso, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of off-road mobility solutions since 1982, has annual turnover of $1.45 billion (USD). It is the leading player on several markets, including rubber tracks for farm equipment and snowmobiles, and the materials handling equipment market. Camso is also one of the top three players on the construction market, on both tracks and tires for small construction equipment.

This acquisition of Camso into the Michelin Group has created a new world leader in the off-road market with Michelin becoming the world’s largest tyre manufacturer raking #1 in 2020.

This strategic partnership, driven by shared values and a strong tradition of innovation and R&D and built on the strengths of expert teams, will make the new entity the world leader in off-road mobility.

We Are...


What we promise, we deliver with
excellence in mind.


Marked by imagination and perseverance, we go one step
further to outperform in our products and services.


We are not there to impress. We are there
to listen and get the job done.


Does Tyre Fill increase load carrying capacity?

No, tyre filling only replaced the air within a tyre. Load carrying capacity is derived from the tyre size and inflation pressure.


Can resilient (solid) tyres be fitted to all types of equipment?

Equipment wheels with removable flanges or lock rings can usually accomodate resilient (solid rubber) tyres. There are a number of options and Bearcat can also manufacture rims to suit a solid tyre fitment.


What is the difference between a white non marking tyre and grey non marking tyre?

Both grey and white tyres are manufactured to basically stop black marks on clean floors. Depending on the brand the tyre can be white or grey but they both serve the same purpose.


Which tyres can be puncture proofed using tyre fill?

Any off-highway tyres on vehicles which will never exceed 60 kph can be filled. A range of different compounds can be used promoting a softer ride or a heavy duty resistance.


What are the benefits of smooth forklift tyres?

Depending on the application – smooth tyres tend to last longer. The flat surface can also help with stability when carrying extreme loads. More footprint also can assist lower rolling resistance and less tyre fatigue.


How was rubber discovered?

The origins are traced back to 1770 when an English chemist named Joseph Priestly found a material in which he could remove pencil marks from paper. He called it “rubber”.


Solideal OTT Tracks - Overview

A video demonstrating the benefits of using Solideal OTT (Over-The-Tyre) Tracks, distributed in Australia by Bearcat.

Client: Bearcat
Agency: Trade Productions / Nick Jensen Marketing
Executive Producer: Nick Jensen / Kurt Quambusch
Producer/Director: Mikel Kew

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