OTT Tracks for Skid Steer

OTT Tracks for Skid Steer: The Ultimate Solution for Bobcats

Experience the adaptability of over-the-tyre tracks for Skidsteer with CAMSO. Often referred to as OTTs, CAMSO HXD products are fitted over your wheels, transforming your machine into an all-terrain powerhouse.

Applying CAMSO OTTs considerably improves your Bobcat loader’s traction, flotation, and longevity. Installed in a mere 20 minutes, it can significantly enhance performance on asphalt, concrete, and turf surfaces due to substantially reduced ground pressure.

Equipping your vehicle with CAMSO HXD OTT tracks, you can be confident that areas, surfaces, or conditions that once seemed challenging can now be easily conquered.

Bobcat with New Skid Steer Tracks On
Toyota Huski with Brand New Over The Tyre Tracks

Experience Superior Grip and Stability with Bobcat Tracks

CAMSO HXD over-tyre-tracks for Skid Steer are the progressive successors of the original SD by SOLIDEAL. The design advances the initial, patented all-rubber option, specifically engineered to enhance performance in construction-related applications. The improved HXD option boasts a 33% deeper tread, a refined wing design, the use of AdvanceX rubber compound, and bolstered joint strength.

As CAMSO products are aftermarket additions, they aren’t always compatible. They are most suitable for medium and high-horsepower machinery, which can capitalise on the enlarged footprint. For some machines, installation is straightforward. However, others may require a wheel downsize or spacers.

As specialists in ROAD FREE solutions, Bearcat can supply all these components either off the shelf or in-house as a ready-to-install package across New Zealand.

Benefits of using Over Tyre Tracks for your Bobcat

CAMSO Over The Tyre tracks help to provide stability during lifting and shifting. The maximised surface footprint of the tracks helps with tipping material into trailers and adds weight to benefit a lower centre of gravity. When transporting loads CAMSO OTT tracks help to level out a skidsteer and reduce the rocking effect. This provides less bucket spillage, faster travel time and less operator impact.

The footprint of a skidsteer tyre is minimal. Even when pressure are reduced it only adds a slight increase to the contact patch. By fitting CAMSO OTT tracks you can gain over 1 meter of added ground contact area per side. This added footprint helps drive through muddy, slippery, wet, slopey, sandy or unstable surfaces.

CAMSO all rubber OTT tracks are easy to install and remove simply by removing 1 link pin. The ease of installing and demounting means you can use the tracks when required. This is also perfect for bucket attachments that need maximum traction or sites where surfaces will change through the job. You can have a track loader when you need with the cost of buying and running 2 machines.

CAMSO OTT tracks are also interchangeable on makes with similar wheel bases and tyre configurations. So if you have a number of skidsteers you can use the set of OTT tracks for any of the machines when the job needs them.

OTT rubber tracks by CAMSO are the ultimate quick mount attachment for tracked performance on your skidsteer. Before you try anything else consider testing CAMSO OTT tracks on your skidsteer.