High Quality Ride on Reach Trucks & Narrow Aisle Reach trucks.

Polyurethane tyres appear on electric lift trucks that are used indoors where the surface is smooth and even.

Polyurethane is favoured in this application because its load capacity greatly exceeds rubber and can be used on compact forklift types.

Machines fitted with poly tyres (poly wheels) respond differently in situations encountered during normal work activity. This includes:

· Rolling Resistance
· Cushioning
· Traction
· Load Capacity
· Wear and Abrasion Resistance
· Cutting and Tearing Resistance
· High Speed Operation
· Floor Marking
· Response on Wet Floors
· Chemical Resistance

The cushioning ability of a tyre is directly related to its durometer or hardness. The higher the durometer number, the harder the tyre. What is so important about this is that a softer tyre absorbs more impact. Rubber tyres have a range of 67 to 75 durometer while polyurethane tyres have a range between 83 and 95.

We have several standard and speciality compounds to suit your application thanks to the superior quality and range of Rader Vogel for brands such as Atlet, BT Toyota, Caterpillar, Combilift, Crown, Hubtex, Hyster, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Komatsu, Linde, LOC, Logisnext, Mitsubishi, Nissan, OMG, Paus, Raymond, Still Wagner, TCM, Unicarriers & Yale.

Solutions for hand pallet trucks, Powered pallet trucks, Powered stackers, Reach trucks, CB Electric, CB IC, Order pickers, Towing tractors and Narrow Aisle Trucks used in:

  • Retail/Wholesale/Supermarkets
  • Food/beverages (including chilled temperature-controlled environments)
  • Manufacturing/ Production Environments
  • Automotive
  • Chemical industry/pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture
  • Printing
  • Transport
  • Logistics -Mail & Parcel Delivery/Distribution Centres
  • Construction
  • Fisheries
  • Wet Areas

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