TyrFil Premium 30 Duro Solid Fill

Premium 30 Duro is simply the highest quality medium duro flat proofing material in the industry.

This premium product has the best heat resistance of any other material, and can be run in-service at highway speeds of 55 mph / 88 kph for 8 hours. Tire deflections and tread footprint are only nominally less than that of an air-filled tyre.

  • Original Flatproofing Product (By Arnco & Accella)
  • Best Heat Resistance
  • Medium Tyre Deflection
  • Good for Most Applications
  • Typical Premium RePneu Applications:
  • Premium RePneu has been used effectively in a variety of applications wherever heat build-up is a consideration from application or length of runs. Loaders, Cranes, forklifts, tank haulers, and aircraft ground support equipment have all benefited from its heat resistant properties.


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