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  • “"We thought we'd never find a tyre that could do everything but the SOLIDEAL SKZ tyre changed our mind"”
    Beaurepaires Murray Bridge, Mushroom farm – SA.
    Beaurepaires Murray Bridge have the key responsibility of looking after a Komatsu WA320 & a Volvo L90F in an every changing environment whilst processing materials to make mushroom mulch, hay, dipping, adding fertilizers, wetting, turning etc. Working on hard surfaces 75% and soft mud 25%, machines can work 12hrs a day, 5 ½ days a week at 15km/h. Hauling material weight that can change from 500T to 900T a day when wet. The solution was to find a new technology tyre that could adapt to the varied work.. and that tyre was the 20.5x25 SOLIDEAL SKZ. The tyre has excelled in all areas including handling & braking performance, tread wear and lowest ground pressure.

  • “"These BHZ tyres supplied through Beaurepaires Richmond are too good to be true"”
    Wrokshop Manager, City of Marion – Adelaide S.A
    The team at Beaurepaires Richmond knew they had to look at options to improve the tyre life at one of their local accounts. The main use of the JCB 3CX backhoe loader was for road repairs, footpath repairs, council maintenance work (90% road driven). Fitted with 12.5/80-18 BHZ on front & 16.9-28 BHZ on rear operators are now very happy with wear rates (even across tread & front and rear). Sturdy stability and quieter in transit, Con and Roger at the council can't believe the value of the BHZ tyres.

  • “These new SOLIDEAL BHZ Tyres have been the tyres I've been waiting for”
    Piero Fragomeli, Piero Excavations
    The JCB 2CX backhoe loader uses 12.5/80-18 tyres and we knew we had to trial these new SOLIDEAL BHZ tyres, so we fitted to the rear only with R-4 style on front positions. Our main use is landscaping, (85% kerbs and gutters) and the BHZ tyres provide good traction without the mess of torn up ground. The BHZ tyres are also quieter on the road and after 4 months of hard work they've just reached the first wear line on center tread bar. Customer is satisfied and will choose Solideal BHZ for the front axle when current tyres are worn out.

  • “The LifeMaster's have already worked over 1,000 hours and are hardly worn”
    Scott Young. Owner/Operator, Scott's Bobcat & Excavator Services.
    Scott Young doesn't back away from tough jobs even though they are hell on tyres. He only got 800 hours out of another brand of skidsteer tyres with ongoing punctures and problems. So he chose to replace them with a set of SOLIDEAL LIFEMASTER SKZ tyres; so far saving him hundreds of dollars on down-time alone, without a single puncture. Scott's that wrapped with the quality of Solideal's Lifemaster skidsteer tyres he's buying Solideal's CTL rubber tracks for his excavator! Now you know it makes sense, get the real deal, Get Solideal®

  • “We have a great trust in our local dealer and he recommended we use SOLIDEAL Tyres on our equipment. Since that day we have never looked back”
    Trevor King, Dave Leonie, Adrian Kranendonkb & Trevor Poolman. Works Depot. Shire of Denmark. W.A.
    Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia is well known for industries including viticulture, horticulture, beef, dairy, sheep, pig, tree farming and agriculture. A great deal is done today to conserve and protect the great forest trees and wilderness areas. Adrian is a mechanic at the Shire of Denmark Works Depot and he knows first hand the diversity of applications his equipment tackles every day. The local Tyrepower store suggested SOLIDEAL 14.00-24 G2 tyres for their Komatsu DG555 grader. They immediately noticed better grip, durability and tyre life. Now his CASE Loader, CAT grader and JCB backhoe all benefit from the excellent value for money return of SOLIDEAL Tyres. SOLIDEAL - leaders in premium grade construction tyre & wheel manufacturing.

  • “When it comes to the LifeMaster's - there's no comparison to any other tyre we have used over the 28 years we've been operating our business”
    John & Shannon O’Brien - O’Brien Plant Hire. Forest Hill. Victoria.
    In the plant hire business equipment is used in a multitude of applications. Selecting the right tyres can make or break profit margins. O’Brien’s Plant Hire use the Lifemaster SKZ tyre on a Mustang 2050 skid steer loader & say; “we’ll never use anything else”, finding it superior in every aspect. “We've been using the LifeMaster SKZ Wide-Wall for over 12 months & we reckon we would of already gone through a set & a half of the previous tyres, and the SOLIDEAL’s are not even 25% worn. Together with ARNCO’s ReSeal Kevlar enhanced tyre flatproofing we've not had 1 air loss puncture & the only genuine regret we have is that we didn’t try SOLIDEAL Lifemaster tyres years ago.”

  • “Our work is brutal on tyres, the Safetymaster's are 100% better than anything else we've tried”
    Sam. Regal Bin Hire & Recycling. Sunshine, Melbourne. Vic.
    Working 12 hours a day at the Regal Bin Hire & Recycling yard is tough work, especially on tyres. Their New Holland skidsteer sorts through loads of mixed materials from rocks, scrap steel and timber; with 95% of material being recycled. If their skidsteer goes down it creates a massive backlog. That’s why Sam, Adam and Fred choose to use Solideal Safetymaster tyres on their skidsteers. Their recycling business depends on their equipment being operational at all times and the Solideal Safetymaster and Solidair tyres will never let them down. If you want the best FLAT-PROOF tyre solution for your skidsteer, insist on a SOLIDEAL® - leading manufacturer of the world’s best construction and industrial tyres.

  • “As soon as I fitted SOLIDEAL tyres to my backhoe I noticed increased stability and that's what I wanted. They're a good tyre.”
    Shamus Woolsey. Yo-Hoe Plant Hire. Newport. Victoria.
    Everyone knows that a good machinery operator can make a job a hell of a lot easier. When it comes to backhoe work Shamus from Yo-Hoe Plant Hire is one of those guys. After all; his CASE 580 Super M backhoe is his livelihood. When the machine was up for tyres he did his research and fi tted a set of SOLIDEAL 16.9-28 R4 tyres to the rear. After 2,500 hours the SOLIDEAL tyres are still going strong and through this confi dence he chose to fit SOLIDEAL MPT I3 tyres to the front. Shamus says “The only problem I have now is that contractors keep stopping me asking where I got the tyres from!”

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