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ACCELLA TYRFIL Tyre Flatproofing

ACCELLA Polyurethane materials for tyre flatproofing – No More Air. No More Flat Tyres EVER!

Unlike solid or aperture tyres, TyrFil offers a choice of tread, pressure, and durometer options, allowing the operator the ability to customize performance per application or environment.


  • Accella TyrFil Flex – With a durometer of 10, this formula has the lowest durometer for maximum deflection and air-like ride.


  • Accella TyrFil Ultra– With a durometer of 30, this formula delivers the highest heat dissipation properties for extreme applications.


  • Accella TyrFil HeviDuty– With a durometer of 55, this formula provides minimal tire deflection for extreme load at slow speeds.

Flatproofing your off-road equipment with Accella will greatly benefit your business in a number of ways:

  • Cooler running – increased tyre life: increased running time at speeds / overloads
  • Proper inflation – enhances tread wear: deflection decreases with increased temperature
  • No rim slippage – less damage and more traction: tough to survive high torque applications
  • No leaking air – enhanced performance: lower operating costs and no downtime
  • Retreadable tyres – better return: full value of carcass life and better condition
  • No flat tyres – more productivity: even in the most hazardous operating environments
  • No tip-overs – safety and performance: better ballast for heavy loads and no sudden flats
  • Less reactive – peace of mind: eliminates the potential for tyres and wheels to explode
  • Longer tyre life – profitability: 2-5 times longer than some air filled tyres and full tread life
  • Repair costs – resists damage: eliminate or drastically reduce frequent tyre repair costs.

ACCELLA TyrFil Install