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Driving Comfort
Self Cleanout
Sidewall protection
Rim protection

SOLIDEAL PORTMASTER Pneumatic Large Forklift Tyre

No stronger bias tyre

The strongest and most durable bias tire in the world. Ideal on hard surfaces and in highly abrasive environments, its extremely deep tread increases service life while providing the strongest carcass and the most sidewall protection possible.

Premium pneumatic tyre for larger material handling equipment. Unique tread pattern to optimise load and driver styles of larger equipment.

Heavy duty Hi-Ply mining casing for application versatility including underground mining.

  • THE MOST DURABLE CROSS-PLY TIRE ON THE MARKET -Specifically designed for fast wear applications like port usage
  • EXTRA ROBUST CASING AND SIDEWALL PROTECTION -Prevents casing damage from sidewall cuts and impacts
  • EXTRA DEEP 72/32ND TREAD DEPTH -Provides longer service life on abrasive surfaces
  • HEAT-RESISTANT COMPOUNDING – Prevents heat build up in high load and high duty cycle environments

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