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Are your poly’s ready for the COLD?

Some tyres on lift trucks won’t stand up to sudden temperature shifts. Take coolstores and refrigerated storage.

Deep freeze and temperature controlled applications require special wheel materials. In some cases flat spots develop overnight on the load and drive wheels. Due to low ambient temperatures, some poly materials flat spot and are slow to recover causing intolerable vibrations:
* 93-95 Shore A hardness for extreme freezer stores, such as Vulkollan, helps to resist the flattening and consequently are quicker to recover their shape upon momentum. They are best suited to environments down to -35 degrees C.

Traction and drive wheel grip problems often occur in cold store applications:
* 83-85 Shore A harness for cold stores, such as VULKOSOFT or TRACTOSOFT, improves traction and reduces the risk of sliding.

Machines working in clashing temperature zones, from hot outdoors to freezing indoor fridges, can change the chemical structure of a poly in a matter of minutes:
* Special WET GRIP VULKOSOFT or TRACTOSOFT uses a granular mix compound with lower Shore hardness to provide better performance for use in mixed hold/hot environments traveling on ramps, loading zones,very smooth, highly sealed, wet, dirty or tracked surfaces.

For extreme corrosion or wash down surfaces in industries such as fish, meat, poultry or dairy:
* 94 Shore A VULKOLAN QUARTZ, with the use of silica sand compound, increases traction on humid, slippery and greasy floors. This material should not be used on coated floors.

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